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  • What are the benefits of Lavender Essential Oil?
    Aromatherapy Antibacterial Antioxidant Improves mood and reduces stress Helps brain function, cognitive impairement Helps heal burns and cuts Promotes healthy skin and har, signs of aging and hair loss Helps relieve headaches Improves sleep Relieves pain Natural perfume Helps with acne Insect repellent and good for bee stings and other insect bites Helps with scar tissue
  • What are the benefits of Lavender Hydrosol?
    Skin soothing, irritations like rashes, poison ivy, bites Antibacterial, for cleaning counter tops, furniture, etc. Anti-inflammatory, eczema, acne, sunburn, skin rashes Anti-aging, good facial toner for tightening skin and smoothing out fine lines Air freshener Horses and other pets: prevents fleas and helps make hair healthier Linene refresher Non-toxic air freshener
  • What kind of lavender do you grow?
    We grow organic Grosso lavender, or lavandula x intermedia 'Grosso.' It's one of the most fragrant lavenders, grown for scenting perfumes and aromatherapy oils. It has long spikes of deep violet blossoms with abundant blooms.
  • Can I buy lavender plants from you?
    We don't sell lavender plants. We harvest our lavender and process it immediately into organic lavender essential oil and organic lavender hydrosol.
  • What is your shipping and return policy.
    Click here for the full details of our shipping and return policy.
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